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how to adjust a torpedo heater

This will demonstrate you how to adjust the pump pressure on your kerosene pressured air heater or as they are generally known as, a torpedo heater. The pump pressure determines the warmth output of the heater. It really is extremely simple to adjust as you will see. I acquired this Remingtom 35 forced air heater employed on Craigslist for , it labored fine but I desired to see if the pump pressure was correct & following hooking up a stress gauge I identified that it was about 1.four PSI reduce than factory specs. Right after adjusting it the heater truly heats up fantastic! Not a bad discover for bucks! It heats up my two car garage in about 15 minutes to 80 degrees. That’s when it is 40 degrees exterior. maybe this video will be helpful to somebody.

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  1. nacho32 says:

    I like you video great info I took mine apart and cleaned the nozzle and and spark plug and back filters but now no fuel comes out of the nozzle any info would be great

  2. ColtCobra2002 says:

    I took our 55,000 BTU one at work and screwed the pressure screw all the way down and slightly opened the back, it not puts out about 30% more heat and sounds like a jet powered helocopter, dont know how long it will run like this, but it sure is nice….

  3. kc0rock says:

    Good Job!

    I see your furry friend does a good job of helping/supervising your work too!

  4. bladder1010 says:

    Check the fuel filter and air filter. Did you empty the old fuel out before your stored it? The fuel might have gummed up. Diesel especially will do this.

  5. taijhas says:

    I put my heater away last fall and it worked perfectly, now it cuts on and back off in a few seconds. Help anyone?

  6. rocsvt1 says:

    yeah i thought that too when i bought it. could be the brand of propane? idk i just thought it was smelly and sold it and got the kerosene heater and heats a lot faster i mean in 20 mins i have to shut it off because it gets really toasty in the garage and thanks to your video in burns even cleaner now.

  7. vegasfordguy says:

    @rocsvt1 Really? I have never used a propane torpedo style heater but I would think that the propane would burn much cleaner. I know in my camper none of the propane appliances have an oder to them at all. Maybe these heaters are an exception?

  8. vegasfordguy says:

    @mikey0himself I’m glad it helped.

  9. rocsvt1 says:

    propane stinks too! i bought one and has a lightly smell or raw propane and bought one kerosene reddy heater 65k on craigslist and adjusted it and it don’t smell as bad as propane.

  10. mikey0himself says:

    Fixed mine thanks to your help with adjusting the fuel pressure. Mine was actually running way too lean and sputtering occassionally, i thought it had something wrong with it but all that was wrong was the pump pressure was turned down so low it was borderline not enough, a simple adjustment and it no longer has a stink and it doesn’t sputter! Thanks

  11. josiahroberson says:

    Thanks for the video. I will be able to warm up my garage now, so I can work through the winter.

  12. mikey0himself says:

    Ok, thanks. Mine is stinky in my opinion, i think it needs adjusting, i realize theyll smell. i think i need to back off the pump pressure a bit? it’s pretty red . i’ll also try shooting it outside until it heats up. occassionally the flame goes out for a half a second. i wonder if the nozzle is dirty? Im surprised how stinky they are.

  13. vegasfordguy says:

    @mikey0himself I’m running mine on K1 kerosene as well, It has a kerosene smell on start up, once it heats up the smell is tollerable however it does has a smell. If yours has a nice red color to it then it’s most likely adjusted pretty close, if the pump pressure was low then it wouldn’t have a nice red color. When I run mine I will fire it up with my garage door open & once it heats up I will either close the door or just leave it slightly cracked. I kinda wish I had gotten a propane unit.