Garage Heaters

pocket rocket heater stove

Pocket rocket stove. I got this idea from the web site as an excerpt of Ianto Evans’ rocket mass heater ebook. The ebook edition is a bit various, but as you can see this version works fairly effectively. It truly is a five gallon metal bucket with stovepipe by way of the lid. An eighteen” segment goes down into the bucket for the feed tube, and two 24″ sections go up for the chimney. It will get Quite sizzling, uses up wood quick and thoroughly clean, and radiates an absurd amount of heat.

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Categorised as: Garage Heaters


  1. GreensongOakheart says:

    8:30 :-)

  2. matthewc829 says:

    This nigga poor

  3. thethinktankchannel says:

    great idea btw i was thinking of building a miniature one myself

  4. thethinktankchannel says:

    it exploded ! 😀

  5. Threestaves says:

    throw some gas on it

  6. coolobuttface says:

    hey Moulder where’s Scully? Oh was that her in the window?

  7. freewillfarmer says:

    so this is a “POCKET ROCKET” ???

  8. mike184ever1 says:

    nice and no smoke report either

  9. Zalobar says:

    You also inspired me to burn mine at night. To see where the hot spots are! Good job and Thanks for sharing.

  10. Zalobar says:

    Good vid, Thanks. Ive been trying to get mine to accept the top feed without back smoking. But I dont want to give up the cook surface. Im all about multi tasking with it by having indoor heat/cook top and oven to be att. behind the stove with the exhaust pipe under the oven leading to the chimney. My Chimney was a 4″ but maybe too short? Like you, I was making do with scrap materials on hand. z : )) see my vid.

  11. apples13able says:

    Perhaps the chimney pipe is too large a diameter. I read that it should be 4″ diam X 60″ with a 6″ X 12″ feed tube. You mentioned that in the vid that you didn’t have a 4″ diam chimney pipe so this is interesting showing what happens when the pipe is too wide! Too much rocket w combustion metal so thin! Looks like there are various ways of experimenting with fixes. Lots of fun! thanx again! Info about exploding concrete is priceless!

  12. apples13able says:

    One can learn a lot from vids like this, thanx for posting!

  13. 99XM says:

    woodstove that burns metal, nice

  14. rich991980 says:

    Clay and perlite would make a good insulator, and protect the metal from such extreme temperatures. I’m thinking I’d rather try to use thicker metal to have it last longer.

  15. pabbananna says:

    my experiences: these don’t last very long at all, not even an afternoon at full heat as the metal just disintegrates. Perhaps I will make one out of proper steel, I love the sound they make and THANKS for the video!!

  16. TheDarjeelingZen says:

    Have you considered insulating the sides and bottom of your pocket rocket with a mixture of clay & perlite or sand and perlite?