Garage Heaters

Part 1 of 6 HHO Gas Radiant Heating 2010.

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You can contact Brok for a showing or if you have any inquiries contact at 218.390.7202 electronic mail at Exceptional opportunity to lease a four mattress, 2 full bathroom Certified Rental. Property functions: four good roomy bedrooms, primary amount bathroom, brand new furnace, very hot drinking water heater set up in 2009, one vehicle garage, new paint, and methods from the busline, and hardwood flooring on major degree. Only two blocks from Chester Park Trails and a brief walk down the hill to the Lakewalk and Rose Backyard. Agent/Proprietor

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  1. fuelban says:

    Hi Peter, some advice required here peter, I am looking to try this heater, but have no experience of it, can you advise me on what size {gas tip} & {Type of tip} I should be looking to use ?, and what amount of gas production per / Minute would i need as a minimum peter… thanks/
    Thom in Scotland.

  2. pjckac1 says:

    If you are not going to provide productive criticism to advance this technology and you continue to provide negative energy for others to read you will be blocked.

  3. pjckac1 says:

    You must travel from YouTube video to YouTube video on your boring spare time with negative energy that is within your self trying to pass it on to others because of your unhappy lifestyle trying to drag others into the trap of unhappiness.

  4. GOPSpinMachineInOD says:

    Anectodotal evidence is untrustworthy and unreliable-please don’t assume others are as stupid as you are..and watch this. v=qn480IwYi2g

  5. Jorge Avila says:

    Snow for water = fuel=energy if you have a gen fuel by hho gas.

  6. wildwes66 says:

    Has anyone considered using a simple hho generator to produce hydrogen gas using that gas to heat a broiler to create steam pipe that steam into a centrifugal pump which will in turn spin a home electrical generator for free electricity???? Please email me your thought at

  7. camelsonhorizon says:

    whoanow, dont fill up the garage and flick the bic! it also ingites with static sweater sparks! cool. i blew off my arms and am ty-ping with my nostrils.

  8. monkeys1954 says:

    use hydrogen sulfide, it is abundant

  9. vid009 says:

    how many watts are you burning to run the welding machine in the first place !

  10. TimpBizkit says:

    well the rest of the waste energy will simply heat the water and eventually be radiated into the room anyway 😉

  11. x65535x says:

    NOOOOOO, that’s a dangerous perspective.

    The Hydrogen gas diffuses enough to not be flammable, it doesn’t neutralize, and it can build up and be explosive.

    You’re not releasing enough to be inherently dangerous, but that perspective could get someone killed, and/or property destroyed.

    And there is no efficient or economical way to do what you say, gas and electric heaters are very efficient compared to other devices, that’s why they are so common. They where designed by engineers.

  12. TheICD says:

    You insult my native English language; While i agree with your assumed point, seriously, go back to English class

  13. TheICD says:

    i think the point is to improve upon the efficiency of fossil fuels; thanks for coming

  14. ke4uyp says:

    To obtain hydrogen production without electricity you can dissolve aluminum in a sodium hydoxide solution. watch?v=w2DY1gSiEmM

    You Can also read about it on Wikipedia look up Lye then look for Hazardous reactions

  15. ke4uyp says:

    Producing hydrogen from urine
    Gerardine Botte of Ohio University uses hydrogen from urine the most abundant waste on Earth at a fraction of the cost of hydrogen from water. Botte breaks the molecule apart, using an inexpensive new nickel-based electrode to selectively and efficiently oxidise the urine. To break the molecule down, a voltage of 0.37V is applied across the cell much less than the 1.23V needed to split water.
    Read this article at
    physorg com / news165836803 html

  16. lambedan says:

    It converts nearly 100% of the electrical energy to heat. That’s pretty efficient. Heat pumps can do better but they are not converting the electricity to heat, instead moving heat.

    There is no loss at all in the transfer of heat from the heating element to the ambient air.

  17. pouderbern says:

    my point is that pushing electrons through metal is not an effecient means of heating anything (other than metal perhaps… and to transfer that heat away from the metal is a severe loss as well…

  18. lambedan says:

    They pretty much are. Where else does the electrical energy go?
    Electric heaters release very little sound and light energy.
    At least 99% of the electrical energy is release as heat. This is true for about any electric heater.

  19. jdmforyou says:

    wasting your time

  20. pouderbern says:

    electric heater = not 100% effecient …. nice try dannon

  21. pjckac1 says:

    To: dannon7
    This is just a simple demonstration experiment. For this to work efficiently and economically it will take multiple things working together to get the ultimate efficiency that is not demonstrated in this presentation. Thank you for your calculations.