Garage Heaters

Cabin Filter Replacement Honda Civic LX

CGHQ Internet site: Subscribe Facebook: Twitter: This Do it yourself covers a basic way to help save significantly $ $ $ . The dealership can charge you 1 hundreds bucks or much more for this services by itself. We will be changing (two) cabin air filters for a 2001 Honda Civic LX Sedan. This process applies to most existing gen. Hondas.

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  1. ChroniclesOfAGamer says:

    Fair effort pal!

  2. big2000dave says:

    yes, once you take them out, you should have a general feel of how they are to be inserted back in. You should have no issues with those tabs, or this whole project for that matter. good luck on future projects and take care!

  3. pascandre says:

    Thanks for the video Big Dave. It was short, to the point and informative. I’m the owner of an ’04 Honda CRV and last year I paid a pretty penny to to change the cabin filter. I often wondered where this filter was and now I know. Being new to DIY auto service I would have liked to see the replacement of the glove compartment hinges. Are they as easy to put back as they are to take out?

  4. big2000dave says:

    No, it is not a must. I think Fram makes cabin filters now. I usually like to go genuine Honda on most engine parts, but something like a cabin filter; i would make an exception to save extra doe….afterall, Honda dealerships have proven to be veeeeery proud of their parts due to the pricetag they stick on them for customers.

  5. justin lott says:

    it dosent have to be a honda filter does it please explane thank you