Garage Heaters

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Peter Rowan still left his occupation as a “company weenie” in 2010 to stay a daily life with significantly less things and much less bills and with far more time to pursue his desires. Because downsizing his daily life, he’s started composing fiction from home (in addition to a educating gig) so for a bit much more privateness, this calendar year he made the decision to one-handedly convert the family’s unused garage into his off-grid writing retreat. Crafting it largely out of repurposed materials, he determined to warmth it using a residence-manufactured, recycled can photo voltaic panel. After amassing 275 cans (soda, juice, mineral water and beer), he commenced to drill holes into the finishes, glue them jointly and in shape them into a box crafted from plywood and two by 4’s. Including a little bit of black spray paint and some plexiglass, he created his home-produced solar panel. He salvaged a pair of fans from an old pc to produce a program for pushing cold air into the photo voltaic panel and pushing the very hot air out and into his business office. In this online video, Mary Rowan used her apple iphone to movie her husband’s thirty day period-extended approach constructing a photo voltaic heater with recycled cans. Granted Seattle may possibly not be the ideal place for photo voltaic, but Peter claims that it looks to warmth up the room by about 5 or six degrees even on a “crummy working day” and when the sunlight is out it can provide way too significantly heat. Instructions for building a photo voltaic heater with recycled cans: More information on original story: Peter’s fiction:

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  1. brian theslug says:

    cool home made shit heating systems for homes made from scrap wood

  2. nope nuhuh says:

    what source runs the fan that pumps the air into the panel?

  3. WorksopGimp says:

    Dude get some shoe’s on

  4. Ali Yalcin says:

    Awesome !

  5. TacticalTuckFard says:

    I love your office setup. I’m majoring in Alternative Energy Tech so I’m studying different types of solar heaters and PV systems. I’m looking at what designs people have chosen.

  6. biglight9 says:

    great video, found my next project, thanks! I was wondering how to do that. I’ll post my video at Biglight9 when I’m done. thanks for planting the seed.

  7. MimiZ914 says:

    This guy’s a freakin genius.

  8. ToneProjectTV says:

    is he making a can bazooka? lol

  9. Simon Hovemyr says:

    That’s brilliant!

  10. jordansname says:


  11. roundaboutwrongway says:

    Trust me, it works when you’re not here.

    Just kidding, these things really do work.

  12. thequietgiant says:

    He should watch your video of the computer programmer who made that fabric sleeve equipped with the computer fan that pulls the hot air from the ceiling onto the floor.

  13. magicm00 says:

    Vertical Video Syndrome…

  14. TheDusteraz says:

    meh! kind of puny.

  15. Oldbmwr100rs says:

    What about using 3″ corrugated black drain pipe?It’s already the right color,and if the air still flows too fast,add some baffling.

  16. localnatives23 says:

    Seems like you’d want to use low-no voc paint on the cans so it’s not pumping toxic air into your house. Those cans probably get so hot that the paint will release fumes for longer periods than just the initial painting phase.

  17. DC k says:

    The alternate tyler durden

  18. KyleCarrington says:

    Nice and simple. Do you get any offgasing from the sealants used in the cans, or nothing noticeable? Cheers

  19. ASkateOfMind says:

    interesting design peter

  20. shophet125 says:

    Cool design. These things are neat. I haven’t yet seen anyone use flexible aluminum dryer vent pipe (sprayed matte black) in place of the cans. I want to try making one, though. 

  21. WePrimates says:

    You seem to missing the ENTIRE POINT of this device. Hopefully your photography skills surpass your common sense.