Garage Heaters

How to Properly Flush Radiator Coolant

Flushing your very own radiator coolant can preserve you funds. Uncover out how to do-it-by yourself in this week’s episode of Saturday Mechanic. In this episode, Well-liked M…
Movie Score: four / five

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  1. sportagus3 says:

    Wow this doesn’t seem that hard at all.

  2. trey mead says:

    You are really awesome man! Great depth and detail =D

  3. FrozenZombi says:

    You can use latex gloves.

  4. FrozenZombi says:

    Sounds like a bad thermostat budd.

  5. epidemia2007 says:

    How they love it,if thats true ,by now you would not have any kids left.

  6. jason apoliskas says:

    i cnt udnerstand why u need toget rid of the old colant safely? my kisds love it

  7. Suresh Reddy says:

    sir, today i went for a long drive in a 800cc car for about 200 kms continously ..and sudenly somewhere in the middle of road the engine stopped and was not starting..and then i noticed there is smoke comming under the hood.then i realised low level of coolant and some coolant bursted i have waited for about half an hour for the engine to cool.then i added a bottle water to the radiator reservior and started engine and drived 3kms to how i should add a coolant..and replace water

  8. klowny1969 says:

    For car fixit yourselfers…come visit my channel and subscribe!let this klown show you the way!

  9. vitolibido says:

    can you do this in your own driveway. cuz my garage doesnt’ have a car lift thingy

  10. shahzada619 says:

    1. so flush only 1x is enough?
    2. y not use premix, its easier, u wouldnt have to go thru last step?

  11. James Dot says:

    Why didnt you show or say anything about leaving the inside car’s heater open to hot ? or even let the engine run and show them the bubbles in the rad as it warms up and bleeds itself and sometimes revving the engine at around 3 thousands of RPM’s is necessary for engine to reach proper temperature before thermostat opens and system is properly bleed and then rad cap is closed or in the Audi’s case your closing the reservoir Blue cap .. You really want your Fans to Damage their Motors !!

  12. James Dot says:

    I dont know where you got your mechanics degree but you chose a very complicated vehicle to show an example to people do a Rad Flush , if your average person doesn’t bleed the system right they will be Paying for a very costly Head Gasket job on any car.First of all you shouldn’t even be showing regular people how to do a Rad flush bcuz it take a much bigger and longer procedure from what you showed . RAD FLUSHES should be left to the Professionals or you might end up with a blown Engine!

  13. myHome109 says:

    The reason why you will never get an overheating warning when the radiator cap fail is because of the low pressure at which the coolant gets converted into steam. When water converts from liquid to steam (phase change), it can remove 500 watts of energy per gram of liquid, which cools the engine. But with no coolant in the heads, the VCT, OHC lifters and cam gets sludged. Until there are no more coolant to phase change, …then destructive rapid overheating occurs. $5 radiator cap, change it

  14. myHome109 says:

    Hi Ben, I noticed that you changed the radiator fluid but used the old radiator cap. A new radiator cap is $5 – $15. Typically they keep 16 psi pressure in the system. When they fail they drop down to 0-4 psi without warning. At those low pressures, typical coolant can boil off at 230F. That means your coolant will boil off and never signal an overtemp until it’s too late and cook your oil into sludge. Change out radiator cap as a $5 insurance, especially on Diesel with EGR cooler.

  15. Tolderian says:

    Caps lock… unleash the fury. Hoh Hoh Hoh! Qui Qui!

  16. Jorge Bustos says:

    you bitch, I didn’t say that,
    btw I don’t mind getting dirty when working on my car, you do a better job without gloves, especially when working with small parts.

  17. ThePariss333 says:


  18. Adam Wojdyla says:

    I like your last name, ironically, im also an automotive technician. Keep up the good work.

  19. hurlingturtles says:

    It just found brown sludge in my radiator. Seems like there should be more than just draining the system, but the water pump does supply some pressure.

  20. Jorge Bustos says:

    I will never understand how people can work with gloves
    maybe it’s their manicure

  21. NoShadowOfDoubt1 says:

    Thanks , what a great video!

  22. moviegeek65 says:

    Because it doesn’t have minerals in it, it’s pure water. You can get a gallon at the grocery store for $1, I also use it in the battery and wiper fluid reservoir.