Garage Heaters


This unbelievable 16g! Hearth Custom made made from NewYork Town! If you want one or need a gasoline line in Calgary make sure you just give me call 403 815 6507 or electronic mail …
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Becky demonstrates you how to light-weight and function a kerosene heater and talks about planting some garlic bulbs. #206
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  1. rawimpact says:

    looks like shit… a big ass wok with stainless tubing

  2. Lisa Becker says:

    I have one those heater, they are great. in Canada, the fuel is quite expensive. 9.3L for for $30. One jug only last about 2 day of continous heating. I shure love the heat.

  3. olin bruce says:

    TOO STAY WARM, DUHH. If you don’t pay any electric bill for the central heat, you are probably sponging off your parents, friends. Or full of SH_ _ T. Shows how much you know, if the kerosene heater is well maintained there is no health problem.

  4. Kevin S. says:

    one more thing; why the monoxide detector? the heaters i’m looking at say they are “designed for indoor use”. thanks again

  5. Kevin S. says:

    why can’t we leave it unattended? as long as you don’t run it out of fuel or leave a pet in the house with it. whats up? thanks

  6. daddyblue123456 says:

    Emergency heat only. They cost a fortune to run. $4.09 a gal fuel x 4 gal or more every 24 hours. x 30 days!! 3x the cost of electric heat.

  7. l07smitty says:

    Great job on the heater!!  Btw, how’d that kerosene pour go for ya??

  8. Sharon Hunter says:

    That was really a good show! Like watching the Create Channel! I will tune back in. Thank you for sharing!

  9. smithad7 says:


  10. ta2fr3ak says:


  11. microwsiren says:

    Dick knob

  12. nate7181 says:

    It seems like a great auxiliary source of heat, though the newer models kinda turn me off with all the safety features and cages and whatnot.

  13. nate7181 says:

    Just as dangerous as running any other space heater, you should never leave the house or go to sleep with a space heater going, whether it be a electric heater or kerosene heater.

  14. MONEYBAGS603 says:

    is that safe in the house?

  15. MONEYBAGS603 says:

    i just found a new free one over in the rich part of town, im feel N LUCKY

  16. 2012ANONYMOUSA says:

    3:49 too high pitched voice lol

  17. mid2k says:

    Thanks Plojka1! I’ll give it a try 🙂

  18. plojka1 says:

    Do a dry burn. When the tank is low on kerosene, let it burn with the wick in the highest position–do it outside as it produces smell. When the flame is out, wait an hour and relight. When flame goes out, take a tooth brush and brush upwards on the wick to remove and carbon deposits. All done!

  19. plojka1 says:

    Yes, Becky. Kerosene heaters are MUCH safer than electric heaters. There is not ONE case on record of a faulty kerosene heater starting a fire. They are so safe, I burn mine on all night long when it’s really cold. Number one thing is to keep them maintained, do regular dry burns, use good quality kerosene.

  20. Michael Irvine Sr. says:

    I have the same heater but a different name. DuraHeat DH-2304..One heater company makes the same model under different brand names. So, having said that, go to Home Depot and get the DuraHeat DH-2304. Price is around $139.00 or so but very well worth it. It’ll heat up a 1000 square foot house easily. Newer ones have an electric ignitor(2 batteries) to light the wick but I still use a match !! Hope this helps !!

  21. Inflec says:

    Actually, the burning kerosene will *add* moisture to the air. Being a hydrocarbon, the combustion products will be CO2 and H2O (assuming proper combustion). The real issue, as other posters have pointed out, is adequate oxygen supply. Hence having a window or two cracked open. As for static charge, not an issue as long as the heater is filled up *outside*. (NEVER fill one of these thingies indoors!) Also, since most containers are plastic, a jumper cable would be useless, anyway.

  22. Joe Seely says:

    Dyna-Glo 23000 BTU Convection Kerosene Heater

  23. vanillanigger says:

    @11mac11s Why do all black people look like gorillas?