Garage Heaters

WE BURN WATER – See How We Did It.

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  1. PokerOnTour says:

    not pointless, far less electricity is used to make the HHO than in a conventional electric space heater. The result is same btu output for far less electric in hho

  2. fuelban says:

    One smaller matter BUT non the less significant, would be…. Who created the energy in the 1st place, OR DID IT JUST HAPPEN ALONG {ONE SUNNY DAY} !… perhaps the 7th day, NO, That was a day of rest.. Must be before that !!… SO Awaiting “still” several un answer questions NOW, or is it 8…..

  3. fuelban says:

    As humans are “UN Arguably” Energy, & Energy cannot be {destroyed} only {converted} then where is it the human is converted to when they DIE. ? What is this conversion factor about…. Please explain. LOVE TO HEAR YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM ON THAT 1… FROM YOU…Thanks.
    Thom in Scotland.

  4. TheJimmax says:

    Yeah but the best laugh is he uses other accounts to rate himself up he allways gets 3 thumbs really fast, best not wast any time trying to educate him!

  5. fuelban says:

    check out the video {100% water car engine (hho)} and see {a1mint} in comments, he is spilling the same crap same words, all scripted… getting a dollar a comment I reckon… good money for a 3rd grader….LOL…
    Thom in Scotland.

  6. fuelban says:

    check out the video {100% water car engine (hho)} and see {a1mint} in comments, he is spilling the same crap same words, all scripted… getting a dollar a comment I reckon… good money for a 3rd grader….LOL…
    Thom in Scotland.

  7. fuelban says:

    Did you or Did YOU {A1MINT} Not just say to me 3 days ago YOU worked for an OIL COMPANY, !! you lying little turd….LOL, you probably still wearing the shoes MUM Bought for you, what a dumb kid…

  8. fuelban says:

    That,s “exactly” add for item, what the kid said to me on another channel, he is script reading…LOL what a dumb kid…{ FROM A SHORT SCRIPT} lol
    Thom in Scotland.

  9. fuelban says:

    this kid gets around,{a1mint} He is prolific as a bad smell on a hot day, hey school kid, I see we meet again, want a few more questions you have no answers too… LOL…
    Thom in Scotland.

  10. a1mint says:

    The judgment of who is ignorant here, is for others to decide. I’m not worried for a split second.
    HHO heaters, lmao…

  11. TheJimmax says:

    @a1mintOh dear I seem to have bruised your ego.Its common knowlage that piston engines dont work well with hydrogen but if you want to keep your blinkers on I guess their is no point in trying to educate you any farther. Enjoy your igrorance and have a nice christmas.

  12. a1mint says:

    No hydrogen does not melt pistons. A hydrogen blow torch *can* melt metal, but under the conditions in an ICE, hydrogen will not melt pistons.
    You wouldn’t recognize research from a hole in the ground.
    We’ll leave the judgment as to how is “smart” to others. I’m not worried for a split second.

  13. TheJimmax says:

    Hydrogen melts pistons. Wankel engines dont seem to be affected. Dont ask me why do some research! Water pressure to the electrolyser fills the low pressure hydride tanks. Once again do some research. No I dont really think you work for an oil co. you dont seem that smart.

  14. a1mint says:

    Heat development wise, a wankel engine is not much different from a piston based engine at all. There is no “overheating” – there are the cooling systems for that – and both require this just the same.

    I’m not clear on how you are suggesting that hydrogen tanks get their hydrogen supply from.

    Huh? “oil company”? You think that people from oil companies come online here and talk to you? That’s really weird.

  15. TheJimmax says:

    @a1mintYes im aware that the wankel engine is also internal combustion but it does’nt suffer from overheating like the piston engine. The only storage required is the metal hydride tanks on board the car. They are refilled by on demand production and the fuel cell car is out of my price range because they cost about £100 000. Do you work for an oil company or are you just struggling to grasp this simple concept?

  16. a1mint says:

    A wankel motor is also an ICE. Both are still inefficient. Running ICE on hydrogen is not the future. Electric motors are amazingly efficient.
    Hydrogen ICE based cars are also out of your price range, because you don’t have a hydrogen storage system.

  17. TheJimmax says:

    No that is not what i had in mind. The wankel engine will run with hydrogen with little modification( see mazda hydrogen) and bmw ran a piston engine with hydrogen but im not sure how they pulled that one off (bmw hydrogen).I agree its not the most efficent method but its clean and its affordable but fuel cell cars are out of my price range and dont seem to be getting pushed forward.

  18. a1mint says:

    Not so fast. I wouldn’t call hydrogen “fuel”. It is an energy carrier, not an energy source. I was talking about using wind energy to make hydrogen and burning that hydrogen inside a house for heating. I was not talking about cars.
    About cars, there is another problem. An ICE is inefficient. You want to use a fuel cell to convert hydrogen to electricity and run an electric motor on it.

  19. TheJimmax says:

    I am pushing to make this heard right now. It is allready here, metal hydride tanks exist and will come down in price, like every thing else, as demand grows. They only require a small amount of pressure to fill and hold a relitively huge amount of hydrogen. This is the fuel of the future and it is here right now. We need to make more noise!

  20. a1mint says:

    You’re talking about something different, and something that could be really useful. If you’d had an efficient and safe method of storing hydrogen you could very much use the energy from wind (which indirectly is solar energy, really), and convert that to hydrogen. The resulting hydrogen can be used to heat the house. The cool thing about burning hydrogen is that you do not need an exhaust because there are no dangerous gasses that result from burning it.

  21. TheJimmax says:

    Not really pointless, I have a wind turbine used to make hydrogen it works when wind blows but not when I need it. Storing the hydrogen is just like charging a battery, but with out the chemicals so it has som merit even though its not the most efficent way of doing things

  22. Matt Kind says:

    Great concept. Simple & effective. Think for yourself.

  23. a1mint says:

    You can not create or destroy energy. 100% of the electric energy used in converted to heat, either directly using resistance (space heater), or round about by make hydrogen and burning that. Either way, they’re both exactly 100% efficient.
    Contemplating how it might be possible to make hydrogen for less is pointless because that is not possible.
    Again, you can not create or destroy energy, only convert its form, which in the case of heating, all ends up as heat.

  24. Believia says:

    … Combustion energy of H is 39.8 kWh/kg. What if you can get 1kg of H using less than those kWh ?

  25. a1mint says:

    Trying to make a heater by converting electricity to hydrogen and then burning that hydrogen is a completely pointless exercise.
    The natural law of the conservation of energy states that you can not create or destroy energy, only convert its form.
    A $20 Walmart space heater converts exactly 100% of the electricity it uses to heat.
    ANY heating device that runs on electricity is exactly 100% efficient.
    Converting electricity to hydrogen and burning that is also exactly 100% efficient.