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The Saga of the Sears Hot Water Heater

March 22, my 26-12 months aged Sears Very hot H2o heater died. What occurred when I experimented with to buy a new one particular and put in it myself is an item lesson in why Sears is h…
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  1. impala3400 says:

    fauve voltaire sounds exactly like every sears parts and service guys i ever talked to. They know nothing. The only way they work at sears is they can’t get a job anywhere else.

  2. impala3400 says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I had a new gas furnace and water heater installed and the installer never vented into a chimney liner only into the old mortar chimney. So guess what these appliance produce a lot of moisture and as the heat rise it condenses back to water and seeping into my walls at the chimney and ruining my walls. Mold in attic. all other posters defending sears must work there because sears is not the sears of years ago. THEY SUCK. STORE MANAGERS HIDE AND WONT TALK TO YOU

  3. AMStationEngineer says:

    Very interesting, informative, and captivating story!

  4. Carl Fxy says:

    Very entertaining, I even enjoyed the editing glitches… You got some Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor from the 80’s stand up about you

  5. Pfsif says:

    When you buy a Hot Water Heater from one of the box store, make sure you open the box before you leave the parking lot. A lot of them have dent in them?

  6. Pfsif says:

    Some high paid genius with a suit and tie making decision from the top create this insanity.

  7. TheJimmax says:

    At least you are allowed to install one yourself. In the uk any gas appliance has to be installed by an approved installer. To be an appraved installer you need to pay the government. Last I heard it was about £1000 and it lasted for four years. That pretty much stopped D.I.Y. installations.

  8. GrantsPassTVRepairs says:

    I do hope a copy of this video was sent to Sears. Here in Oregon it’s illegal to install your
    own hot water heater. They require you to hire a licensed electrician.

  9. kdkerch says:

    I called warranty a dozen times and was told I had to have it inspected & then installed. The last time I let them know that I wasn’t an idiot, I knew the tank had rusted out, I needed a new replacement right away, I was going to install it, declined any type of scheduling to have it inspected & installed or it was the last time I purchased from Sears or any other owned company. I was tranferd, very politely treated & within 30 mins. had a pickup ticket number for a new heater at a local store!

  10. scirockalot8v says:

    i like the impression of the sears girl…kinda sounded like michael jackson.

  11. artistmac says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Ed Lampert and other members of Sears management even own one Kenmore appliance between them, and if they experience these problems. It’s a pretty safe bet their delicate little fingers have never turned a Craftsman wrench. And if a member of Sears upper management writes and tells me I’m wrong, I’ll take it back. We’ll see;)

  12. lastcall170 says:

    Dont buy a water heater from Lowes either. The “Whirlpool” brand, has a flawed design and makes the thermocouple overheat and burn out. Ive replaced thermocouples monthly for past 3 years!

  13. fauve voltaire says:

    and whats worst is that policies sais that if they are past 30 days they cant have an exchange. We have to fix it and ONLY if the contractor or Sears techs (who are equally lame) determine that the applience is not reparable!!!! Its only when the client sais … ” Hey this is my 6 service call, I’m being ripped off !!” that the tech sais … ya ok NOW its not reparable… and he’s just grinning in his beard cause he alrady got the cash from all the parts he installed !!

  14. fauve voltaire says:

    that is SOOO TRUE Once again I work at costumer service at Sears and THEY are the reason Sears is going down. Not only do they not respect their promisses with the client like call backs, call for booking appointements, rude when going in the clients house… but they DONT KNOW THIR JOBS!!! i dont know how many times we had to reschedule services cause the probleme was never solved. Would you beleive me if I said that I had a client with like …. 6 SERVICES CALLS for repair for a range!!

  15. fauve voltaire says:

    because the 30 days were over we can only do a repair on it. So we order the convector. ITS BACK ORDER. so the client has to wait! 1 MONTH LATER the part arrived and we installed it… 2 months later THE FRIDGE CAME UP WITH ANOTHER PROBLEME … this case is FAAARRR from the only one I’v had. lollllll But please have mercy on the costumer service on the phone. We have no choise to follow policy and beleive me, we are as appaled by this then you are. lol

  16. fauve voltaire says:

    HAHAHAHA I work at Parts and Service at Sears. I basically take the calls of clients that have their tank water, fridges ect broken…. you have NO IDEA of the CRAZINES I’v heard with the Sears policies. Client just bought a fridge 1 month ago. Calls in, send a tech to diagnose the probleme. He sais the probleme is the convecteur thats defective. 1) How the heck can a brand new Kenmore 2012 fridge convector BRAKE after 1 month?? well gess what… policies sais that client has 30 for enchanges

  17. artistmac says:

    After dealing with Sears, I was mad all the way through this video 😀

    But it’s been five years now, and I can look back on it and laugh, especially since by the time this one needs replacing, someone else will own this house.

  18. pstuart08 says:

    This dude is a hilarious… his mad, glad, and sad face are all the same face LOL