Garage Heaters

1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 FOR SALE TEST DRIVE flemings ultimate garage md

Flemings greatest garage maryland–c-1751.htm Legitimate Z-28 with all the correct codes, corre…
Video Rating: four / 5

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Categorised as: Garage Heaters


  1. Owen Zamecnik says:

    i like the way this camaro looks. I love the second generation but in my opinion, they should all only have the 2 headlights, not 4, a FULL front bumper, not those dumb little side things, and no stupid looking monster hood scoop

  2. shaker650 says:

    tail pipes were not correct either

  3. rollingstopp says:

    needs a super charger or a 396 engine=- but we dont want 2 molest****

  4. tamapalagi says:

    Mr. Fleming I have a serious proposition for you. I want to partner with you in a venture to drive more customers to your showroom. I can help customers finance their purchases.

  5. StabYoBitch says:

    @bagrat22 But remember the car has been fitted with a/c

  6. Barry Gramlich says:

    heat vents were lower left, center and right, below dash

  7. StabYoBitch says:

    Plus the car currently has a/c. It needs to come out somewhere

  8. StabYoBitch says:

    It’s for the heat. All cars had heaters.

  9. Gabriel Cruz says:

    I love the part that he talks about the engine. Nobody cared about the air conditioning in 71. 

  10. berkz350 says:

    whats incorrect with the stripes?

  11. Barry Gramlich says:

    Red flag. No AC available on Z28 till 1973. So what are those vents doing on the front of the dash?

  12. brychevy says:

    True, AC was not available with the solid lifter LT1,,,

  13. Marc NARDONE says:

    the rear stripes are way off

  14. Cash2112 says:

    Stripes are incorrect on the back of the rear spoiler, just sayin’.