Garage Heaters

How To Install A Water Heater to Code

If you’re in want of an knowledgeable plumber, in the San Jose location, that can install a water heater to code – you must make contact with Done-Correct! Rooter and Plumbi…
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  1. wrathchild11 says:

    no drip pockets, or legs in any area such a garage if freezing can happen…likely not in san jose

  2. avetis Tepirjyan says:

    is this plumber? or bus driver CA code PVC PIPE its not OK FOR RELIVE VALVE
    CPVS OR COPPER #2 if water heater in garage. post should be installed to keep a car from hitting it.
    #3 gas shut off valve wrong

  3. paytheplumber says:

    Gas valve always should be installed before the gas flex

  4. Edward C says:

    Gas shut off valve is wrong, is there a drip leg? PT&R materials, PT&R needs to go to exterior (CODE Required) Depending on climate zone may be other violations. This is why we have inspections there are several corrections needed. Not too bad but if a person is going to do a video, let’s get it right. 

  5. billy fatbowe says:

    …This guy looks like a mean drunk…etc…

  6. MrRedskins0021 says:

    I’m screwed, my water heater is in the attic

  7. MeltThings says:

    Is this a Fear Mongering Plumber? Can not do this, can not do that, must do this, must do that, major water damage. Whatever dude.

  8. plumber8484 says:

    this water heater is not code.. the gas valve needs to be before the gas flex not after . and why not run the t/p and pan line outside?? its pointless cause the water is going to go to the same place, the garage floor and then it will wick into the sheet rock just like you said … also no insulation on the water lines, to prevent freezing or heat loss .

  9. wpm44 says:

    I will be installing a gas water heater in a garage in California. If I get one that is listed as “flammable vapor ignition resistant” do I still have to put it on an 18″ stand?

  10. William Joseph says:

    couldn’t you have the tp line or a pan that spout out or stubs out right over a floor drain? Not connecting them just have the stub 6″ above the floor drain vs running it outside.