Garage Heaters


  1. AlchemistLair says:

    Thanks again!!

  2. wtbm123 says:


  3. AlchemistLair says:

    Thanks for that Kevin!!! I’ll look into it. I don’t like push on connectors myself. I’ll use it on the pressure relief valve because there will not be any pressure – just flow – if the valve blows. But I think I would rather have threaded connectors on the pressurized system as well!!

  4. AlchemistLair says:

    When they told me it was goin’ to be $1,000 I became ‘Carlos the plumber’ LOL!!!!

  5. AlchemistLair says:

    Thanks, George!!

  6. Busia1949 says:

    The new setup looks a whole lot better than the original for sure. Nice job!