Garage Heaters

Reef Tank Heater Placement

The sump is a excellent spot to cover ugly tools, but need to every thing go down there?

Dhiman & Sons Panipat Highway, Around Energy Home, Safidon Dt. Jind (Haryana) 9996062137 Manoj Dhiman.
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Categorised as: Garage Heaters


  1. curtismaximus123 says:

    Sorry one in the display and pne in the sump*

  2. curtismaximus123 says:

    The best thing to do is have one on the display and one in the display. Its also a good idea to have two smaller heatera so if one gets stuck on you won’t nuke your tank. ABP…always be prepared!

  3. BurtosReef says:

    Wesley, I still think that’s a good spot. The circulation pumps should do a good job of spreading the “love” around.

  4. Wesley Forbes II says:

    I have mine in my overflow.

  5. BurtosReef says:

    Thanks, sdch. Only a couple weeks a year? Must be tough! 😉

  6. BurtosReef says:

    Hmmm… MileHigh, good point. I’ve got plenty of rock work. I’ll put it on the back wall. Love this opportunity to bounce ideas off others. Thanks!