Garage Heaters

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Many thanks for checking out my rocket stove heater, I will be submitting a new video with some crucial updates as to basic safety issues that required to be tackled. Su…

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  1. tryin2lhard says:

    Thanks John, the materials on this one was around a hundred bucks.
    I now am building much smaller compact stoves with the same btu punch and using much less fuel now.
    If you have not seen my other videos, check out the other two stoves I have built, the smallest one works just as well as this larger stove.

  2. John McDonald says:

    That is really impressive – great job and thanks for posting! Q: What is your investment in materials – I realize sweat is invaluable, but if you could provide a costing of materials? Thanks again for sharing, I would purchase one as I think that much of your work!

  3. tryin2lhard says:

    I have to agree with you on the stand, hey once it was built that was a dead end issue for me, I needed heat now:>)
    My current stoves no longer look anything like this. If you have not checked my other videos of my current builds, you may like them, they use less fuel and produce greater btu’s

  4. Alex Newton says:

    nice stove/heater looks really solid and professional /the only cosmetic winge i would have is the stand looks a little bit out a place is the stand although looking well made its just the stove looks a little bulky on such a small stand but apart from that love your work it is excellent and thank you for sharing

  5. tryin2lhard says:

    Actually the stainless steel is not too much at all, it is stainless steel exhaust tubing for cars and trucks.

  6. WeirdWorldAquariums says:

    Really like your R-Stove design. Perfect size for an RV or small home, cabin etc. You could then plug this into a thermal mass venting system installed in a home to store some of the heat. Stainless steel is the way to go but I’m sure that would be very pricy to get tubing that large diameter.

  7. tryin2lhard says:

    Take a look at my latest builds, the small stove I built and have a video up on would be perfect for camping.
    The video is Turbo Rocket stove.

  8. paarek says:

    good job

  9. tryin2lhard says:

    You know, I actually had no idea this process takes place until after watching other videos and explanations, all the more to want to use stainless steel pipe for the chimney in future builds.

  10. tryin2lhard says:

    Take a look at my other video Rocket stove heater installed.
    Then you may get a better understanding, this produces our heat and as well we can cook on it.

  11. tshorse says:

    So what does it do and how?

  12. tryin2lhard says:

    Thanks for the comments and as well the enlightenment of the condensation deal.
    This has been a great deal of fun and learning for me.

  13. michbushi says:

    Very nicely done! One thing, water coming out of the chimney, it will always be there, actually H2O (in gaseous form, i.e. steam), is one of the products of a clean burn process, and when the exhaust gases hit the cold chimney pipe, the steam condenses into the fluid form. This is just normal thing

  14. tryin2lhard says:

    Check out my updates I did to this, I did scale it up by putting in a much larger firebox, I have a video up on it, as well you could use a hot water tank.

  15. Novo Karpati says:

    Dude, this is kick-ass….good job….NOW…how to ‘scale-up’…, Sandy victims would love this kind of heater…

  16. tryin2lhard says:

    Check out my how to video I made on this, it is pretty easy to see how I built it.

    As well I am going to get to doing plans on this stove with the major revisions I made to it, I have added a much larger firebox that is horizontal and so far I have used much less wood this year and the stove produces much greater heat, be sure to set your updraft tube towards the back of the tank, and not center, by doing this it produces a much more even and greater heat displacement.

  17. not2fast4u2c says:

    I wani to make one of these for my workshed My barrel stove is so wastefull on wood for what heat it puts out Do you have plans on how to build this ???

  18. alanesmuymacho says:

    Thanks! You did a nice job on the top where the pan would go. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  19. tryin2lhard says:

    It is not a dumb question and I respect your question:>) Yes you can cook on top of it.