Garage Heaters

Fαux Fireplace • Easy ☪arpentry

HOW TO MAKE A Fake Fire: I am NOT a carpenter, but I Nevertheless Wished TO Try out to make a hearth for our residence. Here’s HOW I DID IT. And the final results are INSPI…

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  1. jAckie messenger says:

    hey, thanks for your message. ~Yah, I wish I could find a place that sells that piece, as it ACTUALLY works! The only thing I can think of is to try to find a fake fireplace on ebay with pieces included. I tried to make one with a pop can as well as sheet metal, but couldn’t get it to turn like the original piece. The only other thought would be to buy a short strand of big christmas lights & replace it with flicker flame bulbs. Or just christmas lights does add a nice touch. ~hope that helps =)

  2. crystalklekot says:

    What is that metal piece called that you use over the light bulb?? I have an old fake wood set that has bulbs in it, and it used to have those pieces, but they are missing. I have no idea how to attach it the way you described. Couldn’t find anything else on the web for that light idea. Crazy that NO ONE else is doing this. Any suggestions???? I tried to make some pieces out of a pop can and sheet metal, but can’t get them to turn!!! HELP!!!!

  3. moni0305 says:

    This looks nice…..instead of the wood you can also put candles in and it looks nice.

  4. jAckie messenger says:

    oh hee hee, THANKS, that is the sweetest compliment I’ve ever received =)

  5. andrewkirlin says:

    You are wonderful and so is your family. Thank you. You are the new Martha Stewart.

  6. jAckie messenger says:

    Thank you very much, your comment really made my day!
    In all honesty, if you can buy a fireplace for $150, you might as well do it, as the wood & tools will cost that much. The most expensive part is the wood, tools, & of course the front candelabras. If someone discards some wooden bedposts, those make great candelabras; & if you can find discarded wood, that helps on cost. It does take time, but I enjoyed the creativity process & love the end result. I hope you enjoy your project too!! =D

  7. mvcorona98 says:

    Wow I was looking all over you tube to find how to make a fireplace from scratch but a lot of them were to much work and people spend about 350 just to make one, if that was the case i could just buy one. So finally i ran into your video and I just love it. You are so creative this is my first project that i am going to be doing, i hope it all turns out well like yours. love to see if you ever come up with more projects 🙂 thanks for the idea…

  8. sn1zzo says:

    That lil kid is so cute. You know he’s going to hate you for this video when he gets older though lol. That fireplace is Awesome and you have really inspired me. I hope mine is at least half as good as yours :)

  9. jAckie messenger says:

    oh YAY, I hope you DO try it. I LOVE our fireplace! ~and I had a great time building it. =) ~may the force be with you~

  10. peeperandvallie says:

    This is an awesome idea and you are really great with putting your videos together! I love this and cant wait to try it this summer! 🙂

  11. urbnfntys says:

    Great job!! way more durable than mine. I used the box my TV came in and the columns are wrapping paper tubes cut in half. I also went with a colonial off white spray paint. The 19″ monitor used also has built in speakers that I connected to the headphone jack of the netbook, so it actually has the sound of a real fire. Mine had to be made so it could be disassembled easily and light, because it was for a display at work. Thanks for the comments on mine!

  12. jAckie messenger says:

    oh yay, your comment really made my day! Yes, you can do this! *high five* I really hope you get to do this project. It is very satisfying, and so peaceful & fun once it is completed. …I’d love to see a pictures or a video when you get it done! kind regards truly, jAckie =)

  13. Sevipants19 says:

    Wow! My goodness. Thank you for sharing this. I’m a woman with and old cottage home. I don’t have lots of money to do things strictly through contractors. I love this. I know I can do it. Thanks!!

  14. jAckie messenger says:

    hey so cool to meet up with another female who is into projects and stuff. Yah, I’ve always loved fireplaces, but we don’t have them here in the islands. That’s why I decided to make one. I really love having it to decorate for all the occasions. It brings a real central feeling of love and warmth into our home. I do hope you get to make it next year. And be sure to send me a picture or video response when you do. I’d love to see it. Take care & god bless =) truly, jAckie

  15. rinamarie1000 says:

    LOVE this…so want to do it….may not get done by xmas but this is will be a new year project for sure….I never had a fireplace and always wanted one for decorative purposes…especially at xmas….at one time I too had the red cardboard type for fun….I so don’t want that anymore…this is awesome!!! Thanks for showing, giving up an idea on how to do it!!!

  16. jAckie messenger says:

    hey, thanks. It makes me happy to hear there are creative individuals out there who aren’t afraid to make what others only imagine. I’d love to see how it turns out. If you’d like, I invite you to send me a response video, or you could just send me a picture your fireplace, that would be cool too. ~have a great time making it. I love creative projects. Making it is half the fun =)